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Operation Fast and Furious keeps popping up here and there in the media. Moreso since the GOP controlled House found Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. As we creep closer to the clown fest known as the 2012 Presidential Election, I am sure it will be brought up by those on the right, looking to villify the Obama administration.

One question begs to be asked. What if the Mexican government treated Eric Holder like we treat foreign criminals (government officials) that we don’t agree with? What if Mexico had drones patrolling the skies, and thought it not only possible but right to seek out “enemies of the state abroad?”

Take a step back from your supposed moral high ground for a minute Americans. The United States has gone into foreign nations before and taken out people that they considered terrorists. The U.S. killed a few terrorists in strikes in Yemen. They’ve even killed U.S. citizens abroad, and even a London Guardian article questioning drone strikes targeting terrorists.

Since the United States government has set the precedent in this issue, what would our reaction be if Mexico classified Holder as a terrorist? The Mexican government has widely criticized the gun running scandal. “The leading left-leaning newspaper La Jornada went so far as to ask in an editorial Wednesday whether the U.S. is an “ally or enemy,” and a columnist in a right-leaning paper accused the Americans of violating Mexico’s sovereignty.” Manuel Jauregui of the daily Reforma newspaper wrote, “In sum, the gringo government has been sending weapons to Mexico in a premeditated and systematic manner, knowing that their destinations were Mexican criminal organizations,” This is old news in a sense. What I want to get to is state funded terrorism, and what would happen if Mexico responded like we did?

Is it out of the question they take the next step? If Mexico classified Holder as a terrorist. Let’s look at it this way. Let’s say the Canadian government allowed guns to cross into Detroit and these guns were used in crimes committed by drug runners and gangs. Dozens of Detroit citizens and maybe a few police officers are killed. How would you expect the U.S. Government to react? Chances are they would be in the media daily railing against the gun violence and the irresponsible Canadians for allowing it to happen.

Would it be out of the question for the United States to go after these Canadian nationals if they allowed it to happen, even if they were government officials? There are criminals in government all over the world. Because one of them happens to work for the strongest gang of criminals in the world, does not mean that they should not be held accountable for the killing of others regardless of what country it happens in.

Eric Holder singledhandedly put Mexican citizens in danger. They should be able to classify him as a terrorist. It would be no different if he funded a group to commit acts of violence on the other side of the border. He allowed it to happen. As I write this, an article popped up on Al-Jazeera titled “Gunmen launch deadly attack on Mexican bar.” Could the guns used in this crime have come from Fast and Furious? If they are, Eric Holder is a criminal, on both sides of the border, and since the U.S government set the precedent, how could we fault Mexico if they wanted to bring him to whatever form of justice they felt like?


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